Top 6 Reasons Chiropractors Need to be Leveraging the Power of TV Advertising

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Nov 2, 2020 3:25:00 PM

Top 6 Reasons Chiropractors Need to be Leveraging the Power of TV Advertising

Sometimes, it seems as though there's a chiropractor in every shopping center. As a result, it's important to make sure that yours stands out. You want consumers who need a chiropractor to be able to find your practice and to have a reason to choose it from amongst your competitors. One excellent method? TV advertising. Take a look at the power of TV and the impact it can have on your office.

The Power of TV Advertising

Weekly, TV has the potential to reach 90% of adults over the age of 18. TV is an incredible advertising powerhouse that has the opportunity to substantially increase the overall return on your investment. You may also find that TV has the power to reach viewers when they're thinking about their need for a chiropractor: as they're lounging on the couch, trying to get comfortable and adding up their aches and pains at the end of the day. 

TV viewership is rising, too, increasing its ability to reach your target audience and giving you a wider potential target audience. Early during the Coronavirus pandemic, TV viewership of major broadcast networks grew an average of 28%. Many viewers continue to watch increased amounts of television from home, both to stay informed about the latest public events and to help entertain themselves and members of their households.

Why Chiropractors Need a TV Presence

As a chiropractor, you may not have previously considered the value of a TV presence. Many medical practices choose to advertise conservatively, if at all. As a chiropractor, however, you do need that critical TV presence to help raise awareness of your specific practice. Consider these benefits. 

1. TV advertising puts a face to your practice.

Many people who have never visited a chiropractor before are nervous about their first visit. They don't know what to expect. Some people worry that, as a medical professional, you will fuss at them for things they have or have not done. Others may be nervous about what visiting your office for the first time will look like. TV advertising allows you to give potential patients a glimpse inside your practice, including a look at you, personally. As a result, you can make people much more comfortable even before they pick up the phone to call. 

2. TV advertising helps increase practice awareness. 

When your brand is top-of-mind, consumers are more likely to choose it when they need chiropractic treatment. Imagine, for example, that a potential client has been struggling with stiffness and pain. A friend recommends visiting a chiropractor. If your practice is top-of-mind and he's aware of what you have to offer, he will be more likely to choose your brand over one he passes by on his way home. 

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3. Bring in new clients.

Repeat business may make up a large percentage of your customer base, but you cannot grow your practice without bringing in new patients. TV advertising can help make new consumers aware of what you have to offer, increasing the odds that they will come to your office. 

4. Showcase your testimonials.

What have you been able to accomplish for past patients? How have you made a difference in your lives? As a chiropractor, your treatment could make a huge difference in a patient's overall strength, mobility, or pain levels. Consumers need to see those reviews to help encourage them to make an appointment. By showing testimonials in your TV commercials, you can give potential patients a better idea of what you can accomplish for them, which could be the incentive they need to choose your practice. 

5. Give tips and tricks, thereby increasing trust in your practice.

Your commercials are also an excellent chance to build value for your practice. Offer tips and tricks for relieving pain and stiffness. Show how little things can make a big difference. When consumers try out your tips, they will discover that they get the results you predicted. As a result, they will have a higher degree of trust in what you have to offer. For many patients, this could be the incentive needed to encourage them to choose chiropractic care. 

6. Share the importance of chiropractic health.

You understand how important chiropractic health can be and what impact it can have on the entire body, but many potential patients simply don't. Give potential patients a look at just how much of a difference chiropractic treatment can make in their lives.

Does your chiropractic office have a strong TV presence? Whether you're just getting started or trying to improve your overall TV ad campaign, a media partner can help. By working closely with a media partner, you can learn more about your target audience and their viewing habits as well as the commercials that are most likely to create an impact. Through that partnership, you will find that you can make the most of your overall TV marketing opportunities. 

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