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"I love running geofencing campaigns because you are physically able to see how everything is working. With geofencing, you can see how many ad impressions have been seen, how many people have clicked on an ad, and the most beneficial part is being able to track conversions of people who have seen an ad and shopped your product. KCTV5 Marketing has done a great job managing our campaigns and getting results for our clients."

- Tyler Williams, Vietti Marketing Group
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“We have some good news we wanted to share after our Better KC segment. The community received a phone call from a new lead that saw the segment and said it ‘changed his perception of them’ and he has an appointment to take a tour. The client is very excited! We also saw a spike in online traffic that same morning. Things are going well, so I wanted to share that update with you.”

- Avery LaGalle, Representative for John Knox Villiage of GlynnDevins