A large contributor to brand success is your involvement in the community. Consumers want to see your business actively making a difference in the local community, and KCTV5 Marketing can help you do just that.

What is Cause Marketing?

What is Cause Marketing?

At KCTV5 Marketing we understand being a part of the community is extremely important.  Which is why we have Take 5 To Care.  

We are proud to be a part of some of the largest philanthropic events in Kansas City as well as being able to help raise awareness to many others.  

How Cause Marketing Makes a Difference for Your Business

How Cause Marketing Can Make a Difference in Your Business

Creating a relationship between your business and the community makes a big difference in the eyes of the consumer. 

At KCTV5 Marketing, we are always looking for new avenues to help our advertisers be a positive influence in the community.  We see time and time again when you do good for others, good comes back to you.  

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