4 Benefits of Cause Marketing: Grow Your Brand While Doing Good

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Oct 6, 2021 10:08:04 AM


4 Benefits of Cause Marketing: Grow Your Brand While Doing Good

If you want to align your company’s core values with your audience while strategically growing your brand, cause marketing is a powerful way to campaign. With cause marketing, businesses can support a cause while raising brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty, and differentiating themselves from competitors. 

If you establish a strong connection with your customers and the community at large, you'll be able to become a staple that people know and trust. Keep the following benefits of cause marketing in mind when developing your strategy. 

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You'll Easily Distinguish Your Brand from Competitors 

Integrating cause marketing into your marketing mix can help separate your brand from competitors. All brands want to be different and stand apart from others, which is what cause marketing strategies help achieve. Unique causes can show your brand's values, elevating your business in the eyes of your audience. 

Supporting a cause shows that authentic people with important initiatives are behind your brand. This gives customers a special reason to value your company over others. Expressing support to a worthwhile cause will ultimately make your brand look better to value-driven consumers. Sustainable brands that support environmental causes alone attract 33% of consumers who prefer them. Consumers vote with their dollars, often choosing one business over another due to the brand’s principles, ethics, and integrity.  

Establish Brand Loyalty by Supporting a Good Cause 

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 11.05.09 AMMany customers are more likely to purchase from purpose-driven brands that support their values and beliefs. One international study found customers are four to six times more likely to buy from businesses with purposeful initiatives. If you want to boost loyalty among your audiences, cause marketing could be the key. 

Cause marketing can help promote more brand awareness as you get your name out there. In turn, you can build a greater bond with customers who believe in the cause you support. Meanwhile, competitors that don't get involved in a specific cause will remain detached from many of your shared audiences. 

Satisfy the Growing Expectations of Your Community 

In addition to purpose-driven brands, people also care about brands that are actively doing good for the communities they serve. You can solidify your place in your local community by ensuring people associate you with a good cause.   

Consider getting people from the community involved in your cause. For instance, you could host a charity event or a giveaway or sponsor another activity that excites locals. In doing so, you can reach new audiences, and target audiences may come to you. Over time, if you get involved and get others involved in various events, people will associate your brand with the cause behind them. This will build a substantial amount of trust that helps attract more leads and customers. 

Zero in on Your Target Audience 

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.24.46 AMWhen you get involved with cause marketing, you'll align your brand with a specific cause that your team values. Values will then dictate the audience who is attracted to your brand. For example, during the pandemic in 2020, Uber spoke to its audience and the importance of public health by urging people not to use its services at the start of nationwide lockdowns.  

In addition, Uber pledged to provide up to 10 million free rides and food deliveries to seniors, healthcare workers on the frontlines, and people in need throughout the pandemic. This showed how the brand valued its customers, and as a result, the company has since managed to rebound from the pandemic’s turbulence.  

Causes typically bring the right audience to businesses, connecting with people who share the same values as the people behind the brand. Cause marketing can also help attract new markets by raising brand awareness. If you want your company to appeal to target audiences and keep them coming to you, cause marketing campaigns will enable you to achieve this. You'll also continue to differentiate yourself from other less purpose-driven brands that linger in the background. 

Work with a Media Partner to Develop a Winning Cause Marketing Campaign 

An effective cause marketing campaign could help you expand your reach and establish a stronger foothold in your community. However, you need to have the resources to back your campaign if you want it to excel. To experience the best achievable results with your cause marketing efforts, it's often best to work with a dependable media partner.  

With the help of a partner that has ample experience with cause marketing, you can create a winning campaign that drives long-term success among your audience and community. You'll be able to drastically increase brand awareness, attract new leads, and boost sales with resonating campaigns that connect both your brand's and your customers' values. 

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