4 Ideas for Your 'Welcome Back' Message

Tyler Ball

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Jun 8, 2020 8:55:00 AM


Many businesses are preparing for reopening. You'll finally be able to bring customers back into your business and start moving back to normal--but what does that really look like for your business? Your customers want to know what steps your business will take to keep them safe. By creating a great welcome back message, you can let customers know what to expect once your doors reopen, and get them excited for the reopening at the same time. 

1. Create a New TV Commercial

As your business prepares to reopen, a new TV commercial can help attract the attention of local consumers: both those who are familiar with your business and potential new customers. You can:

Not only can reusing existing creative be a cost-effective way to create new footage--and help you maintain social distancing guidelines--it can help bridge the gap between the "old normal" and the new. Pay attention to who your customers are. Your customers want to see themselves represented in your business and your commercials. 

Once you’ve created your new commercial, share it across your social media platforms. Take advantage of social media and your website, as well as your media partner's tools and platforms to help expand your reach and make it easier for you to connect with as many customers as possible. 

2. Run a Social Media Campaign

Your social media platforms are a great place to connect with your customers and get them excited about the reopening of your business. Now, they can connect with your business as you inform them of the updates on your reopening. Design a hashtag unique to your business and encourage your customers to share their insights, video footage, and more. 

Continue to deliver the same experience to consumers no matter how they connect with your brand. Your social media accounts will allow you to keep up your marketing momentum, keep a consistent brand, and keep your customers up to date with all of the information around your reopening. 

3. Send Out Direct Emails to Customers

Direct emails are a highly effective way to keep your existing customer base informed about your next steps. Tailor the communications you send out to your customers on a regular basis to include information about the latest measures your company is taking. Consider having a dedicated section on all consumer emails that provide them with a link to your website for further information regarding the current state of your business.

Use your emails to tell customers everything they need to know about your business reopening, including how it will impact them. This simple step can help keep them informed as your business takes more steps moving forward. In addition to providing your email subscribers with information regarding the reopening, you should also direct them to your website and social media profiles so they are able to further connect with your business.

4. Create a Pillar Page on Your Website

Your website is the ideal place to include content that will help customers know what to expect as your business reopens. Add a page to your website that is dedicated to your COVID-19 related business updates. Update that page regularly with the information your customers need to know about your business's reopening practices. Use this page to share reopening dates, the safety precautions your business is taking, and what consumers can expect when they visit your business next. There, you can detail the precautions and measures you're taking to keep customers and employees safe. 

During this time, it's more important than ever to provide your customers with accurate information about what they can expect from your business. Include information like new operating hours as well as information like what customers need to bring with them. Should they wear gloves and/or masks? Include all of that information to make customers more confident as they come back to your store. 

Keep your website and landing page updated with your latest information. Add a pop-up subscriber form so when customers visit your website, you can capture their email address. Then, they can receive updates directly to their inbox. 

Everyone is eager to get back to business and resume a more normal way of life, even if "normal" doesn't look quite like it did just a few months ago. By utilizing these tips, you can prepare both your business and your customers for reopening.

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