6 Reasons Why Lifestyle Marketing Works

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Nov 18, 2020 3:00:00 PM

6 Reasons Why Lifestyle Marketing Works

Lifestyle marketing allows you to connect your brand with something that is a way of life for your audience. Athletic brands like Nike and Adidas accomplish effective lifestyle marketing by making their brands a way of life. For consumers of these brands, it's not just about the products themselves. It's about the lifestyle that goes along with those products.

For your brand, lifestyle marketing could include connecting your brand with the things that consumers already see as part of their daily lives. You can market your brand through lifestyle segments featured in our 9am Newscast. or place your brand prominently in the magazines that consumers use on a regular basis. Using lifestyle marketing is a great way to advance your brand and create a deeper sense of connection with your customers--and it continues to be highly effective.

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1. Lifestyle Marketing Allows You to Use Long-Form Segments

Instead of using a short commercial that lasts thirty seconds or less, you can create long-form segments that last between two and four minutes. This allows you to give your audience a much more in-depth look at what your product has to offer and create a much deeper sense of connection. During those segments, you have the chance to provide more content: more humor, more information, more faces for your brand. 

2. It's a Great Way to Showcase the Full Product or Service

In some cases, your users might have no idea what your brand really entails. Consider a pest control company, for example. The majority of Kansas City residents might assume that a pest control company is something they call when they have a particular problem or infestation: a last-resort addition to their schedule. 

Savvy homeowners, however, recognize that they can call in pest control specialists to help deal with seasonal challenges, including rodents sneaking into the garage or even mosquitoes during the warmer summer months. In fact, for many homeowners, pest control becomes a monthly investment that helps keep those sneaky pests from making it into their homes.

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Through lifestyle marketing, you can showcase the full range of services you offer and show exactly how they can prove beneficial to your target audience's everyday lives. 

3. Lifestyle Marketing Engages the Audience

When you appear in a popular lifestyle segment, you have the chance to engage the audience. If you appear on a local lifestyle show, for example, you can chat with the hosts, who already have a good idea of what their target audience likes to see and hear. You can use their banter and their connection to engage your audience on a deeper level. A more engaged audience is more likely to remember your brand and what you have to offer when they have a need in your industry later. 

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4. People Can Imagine Using Your Product or Service Themselves

Instead of showing a brief snippet, often with stylized involvement, you can use lifestyle marketing to help people picture using that product or service themselves. Use it directly on your segment or let the hosts try it out. Provide more information. Give consumers a chance to imagine what it might be like to actually use that product or to bring your service into their lives. As they imagine using it themselves, they'll be more likely to see the advantages of using your business, which then makes them more likely to make a purchase. 

5. Through Lifestyle Marketing, You Can Reach Large Numbers

There are lots of people watching those popular lifestyle segments and a lot of people engaged with popular magazines and other lifestyle marketing opportunities. When you include lifestyle marketing as part of your regular marketing practice, you have the opportunity to reach that wider audience, which can help extend your reach. 

6. Lifestyle Marketing Allows for More Creativity

When you have a longer segment to work with, you have the opportunity to expand your creative and use a wider variety of methods and strategies. You have highly specific information that you want to include as part of your ads. In a lifestyle segment, however, you have more time to include that information. You can also choose to include additional information that will appeal to your target audience. 

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Lifestyle marketing has a number of important advantages to your business. It helps you reach larger numbers of people, provides more information to your target audience, and allows for a greater level of creativity. By including lifestyle marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy, you can increase your connection to your target audience and provide them with something that your competitors are less likely to offer. Your lifestyle marketing could be the key that sets your business apart and helps consumers choose you.

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