How to Know If You're Reaching the Right Target Audience

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Mar 17, 2021 11:45:00 AM

How to Know If You're Reaching the Right Target Audience

Few things are more frustrating than feeling like you’re not reaching your target audience with your marketing efforts. It’s particularly stressful if you aren't entirely sure how to reach your target audience. Fortunately for you there are several indicators to look for as you evaluate your campaigns and determine whether your marketing is working.

In this article, we’ll walk you through several straightforward ways to tell if you're marketing to the right audience. That way you’ll know what to look out for and what to keep track of as you measure your campaign performance.

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People Are Engaging with Your Content

Whether your ads and other content are engaging your audiences is a huge indication of your ads’ success. Think about your goals regarding brand awareness, gaining visitors to your website, and determining if you're achieving them through metrics like impressions, views, and click-through rates. Metrics like session duration will also show you how long people stay on your webpages. You’re likely doing something right if people actively view your ads and your content attracts clicks and lengthy page sessions.

Experimenting with ads where people aren't engaging with your content the way you'd like them to helps you learn what works. Try A/B testing new content to see if it performs better and stick with the campaigns that yield better results.

Your Marketing Seems to Be Increasing Sales

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 12.43.52 PMIf your goal is to boost sales with your content, check to see if it is actually boosting sales. When investing in marketing and ads, your goal should always be to see a positive ROI. That indicates your efforts are worthwhile. Compare the amount of money spent with the revenue made through sales while taking new customers vs. returning customers into account. 

You may find you're attracting many new customers with one-time sales, but those people aren't returning. In these cases, you may want to implement an optimized remarketing campaign to keep customers returning for repeat business, with retargeting ads and follow-up emails with product recommendations. The more loyal customers you attract, the higher the ROI of your efforts.

Your Customers Are Familiar with You Before Buying

Another way to determine if brand awareness efforts are working is to see if customers are familiar with your brand before making their first purchase. Most people who purchase from you should have encountered your brand in some form, whether it's a TV commercial, digital video ads, or even a referral from a friend or family member. People who opt into your email marketing campaigns will likely become familiar with your brand before they become customers.

If you own a physical location, customers may let you know how they heard about you in person, but you can always ask customers in online checkout forms on eCommerce platforms. This insight helps you determine how to optimize your branding in specific ways. For instance, you might find that a large number of people have heard about you through TV advertising or personal referrals, but nobody seems to be reaching your store through social media ads. If so, you might need to revamp your social media strategy with better targeting.

You Properly Analyze Audiences to Make Informed Marketing Decisions

Successful marketing relies on sufficient audience analysis. Before developing your marketing campaigns and ads, take the time to understand your audience as deeply as possible. The more you know about them and their specific wants and needs, the more effectively you can reach them through your marketing. 

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As you analyze your audience, you can develop specific buyer personas representing your audiences’ segments. Let that guide the language you use in selling points on your content. That also shows you where your audience spends their time, whether they watch TV, browse social media, or use online streaming services like YouTube. 

Also, you can see how competitors are reaching similar audiences in competitive analysis and adopt successful strategies of theirs to your own. You may also find that competitors aren't touching on specific crucial points in their content, which you can address on your own.

Work with a Media Partner to Connect with Your Audiences with Confidence

These indicators offer crucial insight into whether your marketing efforts are working for you. It can be overwhelming early on, especially for small business owners juggling their marketing alongside running their company. Hiring a media partner can give you the experience and resources you need to efficiently reach your target audience. 

An experienced media partner will develop content strategies and launch quality ads and so you can establish a strong connection with target audiences. They’ll also give you clear insight into your campaigns to gauge their performance accurately.

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