Top 9 Ways to Get Involved in the Kansas City Community This Holiday Season

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Nov 9, 2020 9:01:00 AM

Top 9 Ways to Get Involved in the Kansas City Community This Holiday Season

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year! Everyone looks forward to the holidays and the cheer that they bring. This year, after everything we've all gone through, the holidays are more exciting than ever. Your business wants to capture that holiday cheer and be part of something bigger than itself.

You may also notice that, this year, there are more people in need than in past years. Many people have faced job loss and other challenges throughout the year. Your business can help! Look for these ways to get involved this holiday season. 

1. Host a Virtual Race for a Cause

With a virtual race, you can have all the fun of a challenge and a great run, but without the need to pull everything together in person. Choose a local cause that fits what your business believes in. For example, if you support local veterans, you might want to focus on that cause for your race. If you're passionate about making sure kids have gifts for Christmas, consider partnering with a local charitable organization. Give out medals, make t-shirts that include your business logo, and invite the community to join with you in a socially distanced run. 

2. Get Involved with Surprise Squad

Surprise Squad delivers "surprises" to members of the local community, often those who have given back in a way of their own. Get involved! You can sponsor a surprise or partner with us to sponsor a segment. Surprised Squad is an important, recognized community initiative that Kansas Citians follow and support, so your involvement will help improve their overall opinion of your business. 

3. Host a Toy or Food Drive

Many people are struggling this year, and community members who still have means are looking for ways to support them.As holiday shoppers come through your store, invite them to purchase toys or food to donate to needy members of the community. A food drive or toy drive is an excellent way to spread holiday cheer. 

4. Take Part in Take 5 to Care

Take 5 to Care is a year-round initiative that keeps the Kansas City community aware of things going on in the area. By getting involved with this initiative, you show customers your commitment to caring for your community. 

Want to get involved with Take 5 to Care? Let's talk! 

5. Sponsor a Family

Connect with a local family in need this holiday season, then provide what they need to have an amazing holiday. You might choose to donate a percentage of profits to a specific family or families in need, or you might donate the makings of an amazing holiday: gifts, food, warm clothes, and more. You might also choose to sponsor a family with a larger need: someone undergoing extreme medical treatments, for example. Invite your customers to partner with you in making a difference for that family.

6. Offer Donation Stations at Your Locations

Donations are more important this year than ever. Partner with a local organization committed to giving back to the community and set up donation stations at your locations so that your shoppers can easily drop off their donations. 

7. Have a Presence at a Local Event

Local events are likely to look very different this year, with many families still maintaining social distancing. Many events, however, will still be around--and still inviting participation from you. Celebrate the holidays with the Kansas City Plaza Lights or find a way to set up for another local event that will allow you to connect with your community. 

8. Vow to Match Donations When a Purchase is Made

Matching donations online or in-store is a great way to show your commitment to your community. Not only are you inviting your customers to join in and partner with you in giving back, you're actively giving donations to the members of your community who need it most. Choose a cause that represents the values your business stands for. 

9. Partner with a Shelter for a Pet Adoption Day

Pet adoptions have soared across the United States in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Many people are looking for companionship and the comfort of a furry friend. That makes this the perfect time to sponsor or participate in a pet adoption day. Let the shelter set up outside your store. Offer a special package to anyone who adopts a pet or help cover some of the cost of adoption for these new pet owners. Pets need love this holiday season, too! 

Everyone could use a little extra holiday cheer, especially this year. This list offers you some great ways to make a difference, get involved, and create connections throughout the community. Consumers are committed to partnering with and supporting businesses that, in turn, support the things they care about. Find a cause that matters to your business and start planning your holiday gift to the Kansas City community--and to your business--today.

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