3 Tips for Home Improvement Businesses to Stay This Busy in 2022

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Jul 19, 2021 8:45:00 AM

3 Tips for Home Improvement Businesses to Stay This Busy in 2022

Home improvement businesses can ride the wave of the booming industry now and into the future. With the help of effective marketing tactics, you can retain existing customers and generate new ones. If you want your business to excel into 2022 and beyond, there are some key steps you can take to make sure this happens.  

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Tips for Home Improvement Businesses to Continue to Thrive Post-Pandemic 

As you continue succeeding in a post-pandemic world, the following are some tips for marketing for home improvement businesses. By following these, you'll be able to put together a successful strategy that fuels long-term success.

1. Provide Killer Content

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.40.03 AMThe truth is that content is still king in an effective home improvement marketing strategy. To get the best possible results from your content, there are several ways to go about creating enticing content that attracts new and current customers.   

You can start by blogging regularly. Blogs are a great way to provide value and educate people about your services. Customers love high-value content that shows that a brand actually cares about informing them. Maintaining a blog and updating it every week can keep audiences engaged. You can also share your posts on social media or via email to incorporate them into these campaigns. 

Video content is also crucial for reaching consumers seeking more visual content. Use this busy time to gather video customer testimonials. You can then include these testimonials on your website and social media to show how you've helped buyers in the past. Other video content could consist of property tour videos that showcase your work, along with interviews with staff regarding their roles and why they love serving your audience. 

Once you've created your content, it's essential to share it across multiple marketing channels. Post your content in more than one or two places. For example, you could post content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2. Boost Customer Retention

Consumers are likely to return to you if they loved the work you did for them. With enough repeat business, you won't have to worry as much if new customer acquisition rates temporarily slow down.   

To maximize retention and keep customers coming back to you, you need to interact with them regularly. Try to keep them engaged with updates, emails, direct mail letters, and other content that drives repeat business. While you might be reluctant to create a significant amount of content exclusively for repeat customers, this can be advantageous to you. It's more cost-effective to get business from existing customers than it is to obtain new ones. 

As you get ready to bring customers back, anticipate what past buyers will need next and advertise to them. You can do so by retrieving customer satisfaction data and using surveys. The fact that you value their input can also encourage customers to return to you, as they feel that you genuinely care about their experience. Even if you find that their experience wasn't entirely satisfactory, you can use this information to try to improve future services. You may also discover specific previously overlooked pain points that customers experience, which you can address in your marketing.

3. Maintain Momentum with Perpetual Advertising

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 9.40.15 AMEven while your business is in the busy season, it pays to keep ads rolling on a consistent basis. You should always continue advertising your home services business, regardless of how tempting it may be to pause your campaigns to save money. 

As you continue your home improvement business advertising, try to raise brand awareness. Let the community know your company and keep customers coming even in slower seasons. If leads aren't quite ready to buy from you, you can cultivate relationships to lead them toward a sale. Those new customers will then be more likely to return to you if they're satisfied with their experience. 

By maintaining momentum with constant ad campaigns, you'll be able to prevent any potential slumps that you may otherwise experience. In turn, you'll be able to see increased ROI with your ads by attracting and retaining more customers. 

Continue Implementing a Strong Marketing Strategy 

It doesn't matter what season it is—it's always best to keep marketing your brand and getting the most from your strategies. Even now, during the industry's biggest boom, you can reap the rewards of strong marketing and equip your business for success in the long term.  

Spend the time and energy needed to create a solid marketing plan, and stick with it to ensure its success. As you identify what works and what needs improvement, you can perfect those campaigns. With enough consistent effort behind your marketing, you won't have to work quite as hard to keep business thriving long after the pandemic subsides. 

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