6 Advertising Tips for Home Improvement Businesses

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Sep 22, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Top Tips for Home Improvement Businesses Looking to Break Through the Noise

Home improvement businesses have been working to stand out within their communities for years. With the busy seasons and increased demand, competing with others in the industry proves to be a challenge. Now that more people are staying at home than ever, many consumers are taking on home improvement projects. This uptick in demand is great news for home improvement businesses, but it’s breaking through the noise that seems to be the battle. With creative marketing materials, your business can stand out among the competition. Here are some ways to leverage your brand in the area to help close more business. 

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1. Be active on social media.

People are spending more time on social media than ever. For your home improvement business, this represents an opportunity to grab their attention. Showcase your work and projects on your social media page. For example, post reveals of your latest projects. Before and after photos will highlight your skills and get homeowners interested in your services. 

In addition to posting the jaw-dropping transformations, you want to engage followers with interactive content. Make them feel like they are part of the process by asking their opinion on projects or even taking votes. Consumers will naturally get excited by the feeling that they're involved, and they'll associate that excitement with your brand. 

2. Create a commercial. 

A commercial helps you put a face to your business: a member of the community that your audience can recognize. Whether you choose to appear in the commercial yourself or use your employees it will help create a connection with your audience. Another idea for a compelling commercial is to show a transformation of a project. Consumers can relate to the excitement that comes when you renovate an existing space or create a brand new one. By evoking those emotions, you can make a memorable impression of your brand. Next time someone has a home improvement need, they might think back to your commercial and give you a call. 

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3. Include testimonials on your website.

Testimonials are the perfect way to show exactly what your business has accomplished in clients' homes in the past and make potential clients dream about what you could accomplish in their homes. Encourage satisfied clients to write a testimonial or review of your services. Through before and after photos, transformation videos, and client testimonials, you are able to give potential customers a substantial claim to go off of. Today's consumers trust reviews from real people almost as much as they trust personal reviews from friends and family. 

4. Host a segment on a lifestyle show. 

TV viewership has gone up an average of 12.6% throughout the coronavirus crisis. Hosting a segment on a lifestyle show is a great way to catch your audience's attention and get them thinking about the projects they could take on in their own homes. For example, a series of segments on a lifestyle show that provide tips and tricks for easy weekend projects. Then, show them what you can do. Highlight services your business offers and then encourage people to reach out and let you take their spaces to the next level. 

5. Create an email newsletter series.

Reach out to existing clients and encourage them to take advantage of this increased time at home. Provide them with a list they can add to their honey-do lists: replace light bulbs, change out the air filters, clean out the garage or attic, or pressure wash the outside of the home. These little projects can go a long way toward sprucing up a space. 

Design a series around small projects that people can do themselves such as redecorating a space or painting a room. Those small projects can lead to the desire to take on bigger projects that they will need your business to complete. 

6. Create a dream wish list.

There are plenty of projects that people regularly dream of taking on in their homes, but never actually do. They might imagine creating a spa-like oasis in the bathroom, redesigning that outdoor space to make it more comfortable for the family, or creating a basement movie room. Now is the time to take on those projects, since consumers are spending so much more time at home. Consumers can get those projects done and increase their overall enjoyment of them at the same time. Create a digital ad that talks about tackling your dream home improvement list and highlight some of your similar projects.

Now, more than ever, your home improvement business needs to stand out from the crowd. The efforts you put in now could help you increase your business immediately and long after. As satisfied customers share that information with their friends, you could further increase your sales and help your business continue to grow. An experienced media partner can help you design a comprehensive advertising campaign that will help you cut through the noise and get the recognition your business deserves.

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