Quick Guide to Marketing Your Outdoor Living Services in Kansas City

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Oct 1, 2020 9:33:00 AM

Quick Guide to Marketing Your Outdoor Living Services in Kansas City

Outdoor living is in high demand right now in the Kansas City market, and across the nation. The weather is starting to cool off, and people are still spending more time at home. As a result, they want to make the most of those outdoor living spaces. Now is the perfect time to step up your marketing and take advantage of those increased sales opportunities. Here’s a quick guide to making your services stand out in Kansas City.

Understanding Your Audience

Before you start marketing, you need a comprehensive knowledge of who you are trying to reach. By identifying your target audience, you can design a campaign specifically created to address their pain points. Consider:

What are they currently looking for?

You may already have noticed that certain items in your inventory are flying off the shelves far faster than usual. Make sure you highlight those items or services in order to address what consumers are actually seeking. Are they looking for outdoor cooking options? Seating? Specific landscaping features? Create ads that address those specific wants. 

What are their pain points and current needs?

Consider what your customers are dealing with that leads them to want to enhance their outdoor spaces. Are they feeling claustrophobic and somewhat trapped inside? Are they struggling to find ways to connect with friends and family members outdoors? Do they want outdoor cooking options that add more variety or some excitement to their day? Address consumer pain points in your ads and show how your business can help fix those challenges. 

Where can they be found? 

Another key factor is to know where your audience can be found. This includes the platforms they frequent, the television shows they watch, and when they are online. A media partner can help ensure that you're creating ads that will get in front of your target audience. 

Learn how to create a flawless TV commercial!

What stage of the sales funnel are you addressing?

A comprehensive marketing plan helps move consumers all the way through the sales funnel, providing them with the information they need to move through each stage of the funnel. It’s  important to make sure your ads are targeting the stages that apply to your consumers. The more you know about your consumers, the better you can target your ads directly to them. 

Infiltrating the Kansas City Market

In order to make the most of your ads, consider the things that are currently popular in the Kansas City market. For example, Kansas City residents are trending toward sectioning off specific areas outdoors to fit their needs. They might want to designate a gazebo for quiet time or to create a separate outdoor seating area for eating. Workout enthusiasts are designing specific areas to complete their workouts outdoors, from yoga to bodyweight training. They're also installing exterior flooring for a more stable platform and using creative lighting solutions to set their spaces apart. (this sentence is odd.. Outdoor floor?)

Pay attention to those trends and how they have the potential to impact your business. What do you have to offer that fits those current trends--or that will stand on the cutting edge of a new trend and opportunity? 

You should place those ads on the platforms that are currently getting the most attention. Kansas City residents, like much of the rest of the world, are spending more time on social media or watching TV. They're doing more online shopping. They're interested in supporting more local businesses. If you want to reach them, you should consider those platforms and opportunities in order to create the greatest possible impact. 

Creative Ways to Get in Front of Your Audience

Marketing outdoor living spaces offers some great creative opportunities for getting in front of your audience and spreading the word about what you're doing. You may want to:

  • Showcase before and after shots of outdoor spaces, including people enjoying them. 
  • Consider using different ages, genders, and ethnicities of models to help represent the Kansas City demographic. 
  • Film a transformation video of the process and showcase what goes into creating a new outdoor living space from your perspective.
  • Host live videos on social media to answer customers' questions about the process or what you can do in their yards. 
  • Share information on social media platforms or your website about your current projects. 
  • Invite consumers to walk through that process with you and get a better idea of everything that goes into that process. 
  • Share that transformation process on a commercial.
  • Run targeted digital ads that will help reach those in the market for outdoor living spaces or ideas. 
  • Send out email blasts to Kansas City residents that are redesigning their own outdoor spaces. 
  • Offer advice, tips, and tricks, and offers that will encourage them to connect with your business. 

With the increased demand for outdoor living space transformation, now is the perfect time to take advantage of those marketing opportunities. With these strategies, you can spread the word about your outdoor living services, build brand awareness, and help increase your authority in the outdoor living space industry. Working with an experienced media partner can also give you more information about where to find your target audience and how to reach them most effectively. 

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