Springtime is For Growth: Marketing Your Business for New Opportunities

Tiffany Romeo

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Jun 3, 2020 8:55:00 AM


Spring is a time of growth and fresh starts, and not just in nature. Your business can also take advantage of the changing seasons and use the advent of spring to grow and refresh your marketing opportunities. Spring is a great time to analyze your existing plans or try a new marketing avenue. You might decide to offer new products and services, to try out a seasonal offer, or to launch a marketing campaign that encourages your customers to take advantage of the season. For gyms, that might be an offer giving your audience a new chance to get in shape. For clothing retailers, it could be a discount on new season arrivals. Here are some ways you can refresh your marketing for new opportunities this spring.  

Explore New Mediums

Spring is the perfect opportunity to look into new advertising mediums. There is a wide variety of different marketing avenues. Whether you’ve explored the option in the past or it’s something you’ve always wanted to explore, this new season is a great opportunity to try new marketing efforts. Consider:

New channels. Exploring new TV channels you haven't used in the past or try a new time and program that reach your target audience. Consider where your desired consumer can be found and the additional ways that you can reach them. 

A type of advertising you haven't explored. Consider incorporating OTT into your marketing mix. Also, digital and social media ads can help expand your reach and the frequency in which you are seen by your target audience.

Strengthening your business’ online presence. In today's digital age, it's essential for your business to have a strong online presence. Your online presence makes it easier for consumers to find your brand and learn more about what you have to offer--and spring is the perfect time to expand and improve that presence. 

Publishing a customer newsletter on a consistent schedule. Newsletters can help share important information with your customers, keeping them informed about what's going on in your business and how it has the potential to impact them. Make sure your newsletter goes out on a regular basis so that customers know when to expect it.

Set Up a Referral Program

Spring is the perfect time to launch a new program that can lead to new business for your company. A referral program offers an opportunity for current customers to receive a reward when they refer a new customer to you. This helps you grow your business through the trust of customers who already rely on your business to provide for their needs. 

New customers are more likely to trust your business when they've received a recommendation from someone they trust, and existing customers will increase their stake in spreading the word about your business. Referral marketing generates between a 3-5 times higher return on your investment than other marketing offers. 

Host Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to generate interest in your business or build excitement for a new product or service that you're offering. Consumers love the chance to win a free or discounted product or service. The consumer engagement from contests and giveaways can help increase brand awareness, while possibly gaining new customers. Try:

Partnering with another local business. Ideally, you want to partner with another group with a similar target audience. Partnering with someone else will allow you to expand your reach and spread the word about your contest. 

Giving away something that your target audience would find useful. The most effective giveaways include products or services directly from your business that your consumers are interested in. Many giveaways are centered around electronics or other big-ticket items that gain a lot of attention. 

Encourage contestants to tell their friends. When more people enter, you have a chance to turn them into customers. By encouraging customers to share with more people, this will increase engagement and the success of your giveaway.

Consider an Advertising Co-op

Working in collaboration with a manufacturer or partner allows you to reach a larger audience. Consider who you can partner with that can expand your reach. Co-op advertising gives you a chance to partner with a manufacturer that can help expand your business's growth opportunities while taking advantage of their audience as well. This marketing effort will help bring new opportunities to your business for this new season.

Get Involved with the Community

This spring is the perfect chance to expand your community involvement and explore cause marketing. Partnering with local organizations in your community is a great opportunity for new growth. You might choose to make a specific donation based on a percentage of your profits or to donate when customers buy a specific item. This gets your brand involved with a cause in the community and encourages your customers to do so as well.

One opportunity to get involved with the local Kansas City community is through Surprise Squad. This initiative is an excellent opportunity to invest in your community while increasing awareness of your brand. By getting involved in cause marketing partnerships, you will be able to make a difference in the community while putting a face to your brand.

Work with a Media Partner

Media partners have the knowledge and resources to set your business up for growth. Your business will be presented with opportunities to grow and expand your reach when partnered with a credible media partner. Not only can they provide you with the tools you need to create quality ads, but they will provide you with guidance to help you maintain a consistent message. You will also get the chance to position your brand alongside the media partner and engage their audience. 

Spring is an important time of growth of your business. Set your business up for success this spring by exploring new marketing opportunities, strengthening your current creative, and taking advantage of benefits that come with working with a media partner.

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