How Your Local Auto Dealership Can Put Out a Message On Driving Responsibly

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Mar 22, 2021 1:15:00 PM

How Your Local Auto Dealership Can Put Out a Message On Driving Responsibly

Marketers appeal to key emotions and needs that they think motivate their target market. Home security companies appeal to fear and protection, while meal cooking kits appeal to convenience and health. The most successful ads appeal to even deeper concepts to define their brand to resonate with their audience. Those same meal cooking kit ads focus on how environmentally-friendly they are, with little food waste and green packaging to use a values-based marketing appeal. That way they can communicate the company's values as it promotes their product or service.

This practice doesn't just link your product to good feelings and a mission. It makes your brand stand out from the crowd and helps your target market identify more closely with your company. For car companies, driving responsibly is a substantial part of any values-based marketing campaign. Tailor your marketing campaigns to focus on safety, good driving practices, and peace of mind. 

You can spread your dealership's message about driving responsibly:

  • Sharing testimonials
  • Pulling on your audience's heartstrings
  • Making a pledge

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Share A Testimonial

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.09.28 AMTestimonials are stories or online reviews directly from a consumer. The more your audience identifies with the person providing the testimonial, the more effective it is. When you're creating a campaign, your chosen testimonial doesn't have to be a review about your dealership. It can be an anecdote about a car accident, a barely avoided collision, or other stories that grab attention and emphasize the importance of driving responsibly.

However, as powerful as those stories are, it's essential to focus on positive testimonials. After all:

These statistics need to be positive to have a good result. Your ads need to reassure your audience and leave them feeling safe, not fearful. Look for testimonials that focus on your dealership's cars’ safety features or other stories that focus on the resolution. At the same time, you want the testimonial to be real, authentic, and memorable.

Pull On The Heartstrings

It’s crucial to hit the right emotional note alongside your values-based message and do so immediately. Your ads are short, and your emotional narrative has to be introduced at the start. For a 30-second TV commercial, this holds their attention through the ad. If it’s a YouTube video, packing your message in the first 5 seconds either keeps people watching or makes an impression even if they do skip the ad.

One of the most effective ways to get your audience's attention is to focus on the devastating realities of not driving responsibly. Car crashes, collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists, and (more mildly) getting pulled over are all adverse events the audience can recognize. Relatable events will make your message more immediately meaningful.

But this is where a nuanced approach is vital. Regardless of your overall message, it needs to end on a positive note. Your ad could show a collision that almost happens but didn't because of a safety feature or vigilant driver. Or you could focus on how safety initiatives are bringing down the statistics of deadly crashes in your area. Make sure your message doesn’t stay negative. Touch on the emotion briefly to hook your audience, as it underlines your message, then bring it back to a positive or reassuring message.

Pledge Responsible Driving

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.09.36 AMTaking action based on your company's values is the core of value-based marketing. The best way for your audience to believe in your brand is by seeing how your company addresses irresponsible driving, as well as what you're doing currently. 

Create a pledge that substantively addresses the issue and provides measurable value. Think of your pledge as a SMART goal. It should be:

  • Specific: Identify what specific action your dealership is going to take.
  • Measurable: Let your audience know what quantitative goal you're working towards and how you're going to measure it.
  • Achievable: Make sure the goal is something your company has the power and resources to do.
  • Realistic: Create an attention-getting but ultimately plausible pledge that your audience can believe you will achieve.
  • Timely: Set a timeframe for accomplishing (or attempting to accomplish) your pledge.

Whether your dealership donates part of profits to a local organization, ensure that a percentage of your lot's vehicles have built-in driving assistance features. Instead, you could offer discounted safety accessories. Make your auto marketing ideas detailed, actionable, and believable.

Create a Lasting Message With Values-Based Marketing Campaigns

These three key components are essential for creating any values-based marketing campaign. Reach out to your target market with an Auto Dealership Drive Responsibility Campaign that addresses their driving concerns and shows your commitment to the community. Not only will you get your audience's attention, but you will also start to build better relationships between your prospective customers and your brand.

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