TV vs. Digital -- How to Know What's Best for Your Brand

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Jan 27, 2021 12:15:00 PM

TV vs. Digital -- How to Know What's Best for Your Brand

Both TV and digital advertising are beneficial, but determining which avenue is best to use for your business will depend on several factors. In some cases, you may want to focus more on one over the other, but in others, it may be best to use both equally in a balanced ad campaign. Ultimately, it will come down to what your audience uses—do they spend more time online or watching TV, and how do they prefer to interact with ads? You will also need to consider your available budget and how that can affect your options.

To help you choose where to advertise your brand, consider the answers to the following questions as you develop your next marketing plan.

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Where Can Your Audience Be Found?

The first step to take when deciding between digital or TV advertising is to determine where your audience spends their time. Does your audience spend a lot of time browsing online and using social media? Younger audiences might be more likely to spend time online, whether updating their Instagram or researching something online. Meanwhile, many other audiences might spend more time watching TV, particularly less savvy audiences who may not be as comfortable navigating computers, mobile devices, or tablets.

If your audience favors one platform more than the other, it may be worth focusing more on the one on which your audience is more likely to see you.

Does Your Audience Watch TV?

TV vs. Digital -- How to Know What's Best for Your BrandWhen considering using TV advertising, it will only be worth the investment if your audience is actively watching. It's worth noting that TV still remains popular among many audiences, even as streaming is taking over. Younger audiences still watch TV today, with young adults aged 18 to 34 watching an average of an hour and 37 minutes of traditional TV as of early 2020. Depending on your audience's interests, they may spend an equal amount of time watching TV and browsing online. If your audience has a schedule that includes traditional TV, pinpoint when they're watching to schedule your commercial broadcasts within that time.

What Digital Platforms Does Your Audience Use?

While you may be aware that your audience is online every day or even every hour, you need to determine which platforms they use to ensure your brand is seen. Some are more popular than others among specific users. For instance, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with more than 2.23 billion monthly active users

In addition to social media, think about the streaming platforms they use, whether it's YouTube or a service like Hulu. Some audiences might be best reached with email marketing, such as busy professionals who rely on email correspondence. Your audience may also spend a lot of time on Google, in which case you can figure out the terms they use when searching, so you can target with PPC and SEO campaigns.

Would a Clickable CTA Be More Effective for Your Ad?

Some call-to-action phrases may perform better than others, mainly when your audience prefers one type of CTA to another. People may not react as often to text CTAs in your content, or they may not be inclined to pick up the phone and dial a phone number as advertised in a video ad. Instead, test some clickable CTAs that might add a level of convenience for users and increase conversions.

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Have You Tried TV Commercials Before?

Your level of experience will determine how best to approach the process if you're considering producing TV commercials. If you have experience producing commercials and have all of the resources needed for high-quality production, this shouldn't be the most daunting task. 

However, if you're new to commercials and are worried about becoming overwhelmed, it's often best to work with TV stations and media partners to help you produce your commercials. With professionals by your side, you can benefit from the expertise and ample resources required to ensure your commercials are successful and aligned with your branding.

What is Your Budget?

TV vs. Digital -- How to Know What's Best for Your BrandOf course, your available budget is a significant consideration that will dictate what you can and cannot do with your advertising. If you're working with a limited budget, determine how to make the most of it by identifying which platforms are the most lucrative. 

If your audience watches TV but spends more time online, it may be best to advertise more exclusively online. If your audience sticks to a few main digital platforms, including one or two social media platforms and streaming services, advertise on those specifically. Determining when your audience is active can also help ensure you aren't launching ads that they won't see.

Choose the Right Platforms to Get the Most from Your Advertising Efforts

Depending on your audience, budget, and marketing goals, there are plenty of ways to go about advertising either online or on TV. With a good understanding of what will yield the best results, you can choose where to advertise your brand when developing an effective marketing strategy.

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