Recruitment Marketing: Using TV Advertising to Find New Talent

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Recruitment Marketing Using TV Advertising to Find New Talent

A large number of businesses are struggling to hire right now, but taking a new approach can help you find excellent prospects. To recruit people who are genuinely worth bringing on to your team, you need to use the right channels to reach your audience. Using TV or streaming ads and treating recruitment like consumer marketing comes with multiple advantages. If you're curious to know how to engage in recruitment marketing using TV advertising to get new hires, this guide will help you develop your strategy. 

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What Is Recruitment Marketing? 

Recruitment Marketing: Using TV Advertising to Find New TalentRecruitment marketing uses consumer marketing tactics to fill employee roles within a company. Through recruitment marketing campaigns, businesses can reach people at the top of the funnel. This grabs prospects' attention before the hiring process while building your brand as an employer. In these campaigns, you can highlight your company culture and hiring standards, showing compelling reasons why people should apply. 

You can also engage in recruitment marketing with the help of employees on your team. These employees could include HR and talent acquisition staff, content creators, and those involved in branding. You can also use multiple channels to launch your campaigns, including social media, job pages, radio, newspapers, and TV.  

Creating Your Recruitment Marketing TV Campaign 

TV is one of the most effective ways to attract new talent. If you want to use TV to its full potential when building your campaigns, the following are some recruitment marketing tips to make the most of this medium. 

Zero in on Your Targets 

Recruitment Marketing: Using TV Advertising to Find New TalentLike all other types of marketing, ads are targeted to specific groups of people. In this case, your target audience will consist of talented and skilled prospective employees. Similar to how you would build out buyer personas in consumer marketing, create the image of ideal candidates. This will be who you target with your TV ads.  

When determining who your audience will be, consider their demographics, age, location, education, and other factors. Keep in mind that most small businesses are better off sticking to local advertising unless they want to produce a national ad. Once you've identified your target audience, you can then begin marketing to them with high-quality ads. 

Develop Your Messaging 

Once you know what kind of employees you're after, you'll learn how to speak to them in a TV ad using the right messaging. When developing your messaging, think about how best to present your brand to prospects. What is it that differentiates you from competitors? Share who and what you're looking for in your messaging. 

Also, it's important to be specific, as this will help attract suitable candidates. Make sure your audience knows what kinds of skills and personalities you're looking to add to your team. Otherwise, you might connect with people who ultimately discover that they're not the right fit, wasting both your time and theirs. Hyper-targeted messaging will be the key to appealing to the ideal candidates. 

Cut Through the Noise: Find Top Talent on TV 

Recruitment Marketing: Using TV Advertising to Find New TalentTry to reach masses of people with your ads. The fact is that TV audiences are captive, and viewers are more likely to perceive these ads as trustworthy. The more you can establish a strong connection with TV audiences, the more you'll draw in the right people at the right time

In addition to traditional linear TV, don't forget about connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) streaming ads. Many people, particularly in younger generations, have made the transition to streaming services. This means you can reach these audiences far more effectively using these services than you would with conventional TV ads.  

Additionally, engage local target audiences based on demographics. With effective local targeting, you'll be able to find the employees you want faster. You'll begin to see applications roll in after launching your TV ads with the ideal campaign in place. Not only will there be plenty of applications, but they'll also be from the kinds of people you'd be most interested in hiring. 

Build the Perfect TV Advertising Campaigns with a Reliable Media Partner 

With high-quality TV ads backing your recruitment marketing efforts, you'll be able to attract the best possible prospects to your business. However, your internal teams may not have the time or resources needed to develop a winning campaign. This is more likely the case if you're seeking to add more people to those teams in the first place.  

If you want to yield consistently great results with TV ads that resonate with prospective employees, consider turning to a media partner for help. Working with a media partner with in-house production capabilities can give you access to all of the resources you need to produce top-quality commercials and OTT ads. 

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