Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

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Jan 5, 2022 10:24:00 AM

Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2022

If you're new to content marketing, you may be asking, "why is content marketing important?" The benefits of content marketing are nearly endless, as it helps you establish a strong connection with prospects and customers. Content marketing in 2022 will only be more important as you look for ways to engage and convert your audience

To help you get the best results from your content marketing efforts, the following are some of the biggest content marketing trends worth following over the next year. 

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1. Artificial Intelligence Will Continue to Improve Efficiency

One of the most important content marketing trends today is AI, which is crucial for making informed decisions around content. AI technology might still be in development, but it's getting exponentially better. Soon, the capabilities of AI will make content creation and curation easier than ever, among other tasks.  

AI-driven analytics will help businesses create optimized content from web pages to blog posts. Meanwhile, automated chatbots will also use AI to communicate with website visitors.

2. Good SEO Is Still a Must

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 9.23.30 AMGone are the days when stuffing content with keywords and writing thousands of words could help achieve rankings. Today, search engines care more about high-quality content that's fresh and new, peppered with some strategic search engine optimization (SEO). 

Keep in mind that most people only view the first search engine results page, so you need to ensure your website is on top with strong SEO tactics. To help your content achieve these rankings, focus on implementing relevant keywords and more on providing high-value content that helps customers resolve a particular issue. The more people engage with your content and find it helpful, the more likely it will land higher rankings on Google and other platforms.

3. Align Content With the Audience's Values

In addition to bringing value to visitors, your content should align with their specific values. The fact is that consumers are as much as four to six times more likely to turn to purpose-driven brands that share their values over generic competitors.  

Content must resonate personally with your audience, or else it won't connect as easily. While you can tell your brand story to your audiences, you need to ensure your content relates to them. Today's audiences are remarkably perceptive and can see through a brand that's selfish and self-serving. If you want to establish a genuine connection with prospects, be honest and open with them as you connect your company's values to theirs. 

4. Don't Rely on Other Platforms

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 12.05.49 PMMany businesses rely on social media platforms to connect with their audiences, but it's important to avoid sticking to them alone. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media and blog sites are great for sharing your content. However, it's best to have your content located on a platform that your company owns, including your website and blogs.  

Doing so will help protect the integrity of your content and ensure it's consistently safe. 

Remember, social media sites aren't invulnerable, as the world saw this proven when social media sites Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp unexpectedly shut down.   

Businesses dependent on these platforms suffered from this incident more than those who used them as extensions of their core strategy. They say you shouldn't put all of your eggs into one basket, which is critical to consider when developing your content strategy. Try evenly distributing content across platforms to maximize reach, from Instagram to YouTube, while housing your content primarily on your own website. 

5. Create Plenty of Specialized Content

To get the most from your content marketing strategy, you must focus on your specific niche and what your company does best. By developing content around your industry and the latest developments taking place, you'll differentiate your brand. People trust companies that make themselves known as knowledge leaders, which you can achieve through specialized content.  

For example, you can keep up with the latest news in your niche and write weekly blog posts discussing these updates in your own words. You can also share your thoughts on what these changes imply for the future of your industry and your own brand. Additionally, you may want to discuss internal updates that reveal what your company is doing to improve its offerings or customer service for your specific audience. 

Build a Winning Content Marketing Plan for 2022 

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 12.21.43 PMThese are merely some of the many trends in content marketing for 2022 campaigns that are sure to impact your strategy. Do what you can to keep up with them and use them to your advantage as you connect with audiences and showcase your brand.  

By focusing on a solid content marketing strategy, you'll be able to give your audiences what they need and want. At the same time, you'll stand apart from the many brands that aren't engaging as effectively. 

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